“Residence” is a project for Ukrainian youth

The residence is an out of project for young people, which is aimed at creating permanent connections, sharing knowledge and experience, and improving the mental state.

Both residencies took place in the village of Kozary, Ivano-Frankivsk region.

The participants of the first residency were 15 young people from different cities of Ukraine. Of them, 3 persons are IDPs, 10 are volunteers at the headquarters of NGOs or other initiatives aimed at solving war-related problems. According to the organizers, it was important to provide this space to people who need a sense of security, comfort, a place to feel relaxed and gain resources.

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The aim of the second Residency was to unite young artists, volunteers and IDPs around the exploration of the village, as well as to provide a space for retreat and rejuvenation. The residence also contributed to the self-reliance of young people, gave an opportunity to explore the authentic life of a Ukrainian village, contributed to the creation of permanent connections among residents and activation of the local community.

The participants of the second residence were 14 people, among them 4 – volunteers, 2 – IDPs.
The main task of the residents was to do research in any convenient format: short documentary, interviews, zines, sketches, etc.

More details in the report – Residence – 2

The Residence project is implemented by the NGO “Double N” in partnership with the Youth Organization “STAN” with the support of the Global Fund for Children (USA).