Campaign for the support of the dialogue between IDPs and hosting communities

Implemented by: Literary group «STAN»
On September 21 the whole world celebrates the International Day of Peace as a day of global cessation of fire and renunciation of violence. In Ukraine this day is marked by local and regional events to support mutual understanding and dialogue inside the Ukrainian society and to draw international attention to the annexation of Crimea and military aggression of the Russian Federation in Donbass.
Operating procedures:
1. Contact the coordinator of the event in Ukraine and coordinators from other regions;
2. Collect and systematize statistical and sociological data, and also interesting life stories from IDPs, which should be presented during the event;
3. Determine the venue and the form of the event in the city;
4. Develop a detailed action agenda, prepare and spread announcements of the event;
5. Involve other NGOs, initiative groups, experts and volunteers as speakers and experts in the event;
6. Inform the coordinators of the event in Ukraine and our journalists in the central media of the important information about the event;
7. Inform the local municipality of the event;
8. Conduct the event and spread information about it in the media and among stakeholders.
9. It is helpful to conduct workshops, trainings, performances, photo exhibitions, forum-theatrical performances and other interactive activities within the framework of the event to draw additional attention.
Conducting this event is an efficient way to raise the issue of stereotypical attitude of the local population to IDPs and to start a dialogue with the local municipality in order to better integrate IDPs in their new places. The publication of a number of materials in regional and national media will facilitate the formation of the public opinion about the need to develop a dialogue and assist IDPs.