Helping IDPs to obtain new skills and expertise

Implemented by: The Ukrainian Union “Ukrainians of Donbass and Crimea”

Overview: This practice is designed to improve the level of social adaptation and integration of IDPs to the local community through getting life perspectives, improving competitiveness on the labour market by obtaining new skills and expertise through training. This practice presupposes free of charge training of IDPs in three areas: internet technologies, English,hand-made.

Operating procedures:

  1. A series of trainings on computer literacy and IT technologies (work and business on the Internet) to obtain an opportunity to get additional income, working at home;
  2. Studying English to broaden the sphere of employment, getting a more prestigious and better paid job;
  3. Workshop on manufacturing hand-made and souvenir products.


IDPs participating in the events obtain new skills and expertise for work and business on the Internet, improve their level of English to Intermediate, learn to manufacture products for their own pleasure and souvenir products with their own hands.

This practice enables the IDPs to increase their chances on the labour market, to improve their financial condition and to increase their self-esteem and social status.