Implemented by: the initiative group of IDPs.

Overview: At the first stage of the adaptation of IDPs in the new place a very important issue is the lack of information sources about where assistance can be provided, and also exchange of experience and communication between IDPs themselves. In order to solve these problems in October 2014 the IDPs themselves created a page in Facebook, which enabled the IDPs to meet each other and to start to solve problems independently, to avoid embarrassment, to exchange the experience of adaptation in the new place and to help each other.

Target audience: IDPs who use Facebook, and also journalists, civil activists and managers of service institutions.

Operating procedures:

  1. Creation of a group on the social networking website Face-


  1. Spreading information about the group and involving new members;
  2. Organization of events – going for walks together, going on a trip, organizing special polls inside the group;
  3. Involvement of civil society institutions into work with the target audience;

Impact: Creating this group enabled the displaced persons to start meeting and actively communicating with each other, to reduce the psychological tension of loneliness in a new city, to actively spread information about humanitarian aid and integrational activities etc. On the basis of this group 4 newly created NGOs of displaced persons started their activity.