Platform For the Adaptation of IDP Teenagers

Implemented by: Social project TEEN TEAM

Overview: The concept and the beginning of the project implementation started even before the conflict in the East of Ukraine.

The main task of the project was to show children and teenagers from different regions of Ukraine to what extent we are all different, but at the same time united in the circle of our family – Ukraine. After the beginning of warfare in the East of Ukraine this task became urgent as never before.

The problems of IDPs are discussed a lot, they are numerous, including lack of accommodation, problems with employment and many others. But we rarely reflect on the feelings of children, who are torn away from their homes, from the familiar environment, from the usual way of life in a totally different location, new cultural and sometimes even lingual environment.

The main aim is to disprove myths, misunderstandings, form a tolerant attitude to the culture and traditions of different regions of our country, participate in a fulfilling and active life and an efficient social adaptation of teenagers from different regions of Ukraine.

Operating procedures:

  1. Workshop on involving teenagers into active social life, participation in volunteer activity and effective adaptation of IDP children in the environment of their peers; children and teenagers aged from 12 to 16. (Participation of teenagers together with the educational-charity project “ANGELS ARE NEAR” in volunteer activities aiming to support the children, who undergo long-term treatment);
  2. Workshop on facilitating the participation of teenagers in the fulfilling life of the society, formation of an active life stance, volunteering, efficient adaptation of IDP children in the society. (Meetings and workshops aiming at the support of veterans serving in the ATO);
  3. A cycle of meetings within the program “Tolerance”; meeting the diversity of our world, culture and traditions of Asian and African countries, formation of a respectful attitude to culture, traditions, way of life and customs of people from other countries;
  4. Career guidance; providing with information about opportunities of professions, educational establishments, employment, career development. (Meeting successful entrepreneurs of the city, success stories, visits to operating businesses, getting to know professions and opportunities of educational programs and curricula).
  5. Workshop; learning about traditions and customs of Western Ukraine.

The main achievement after implementing this project was children’s smiles, happiness and laughter. This entails making new friends, new hobbies, new knowledge, and also a successful adaptation into the society and the environment of their peers.


The main change in the society as a result of implementing this initiative is breaking barriers for children of IDPs. Financing and assistance in the organization and implementation of the project were provided by sponsors and philanthropist of Ivano-Frankivsk, educational and charity organizations of the city, that are happy to host in their city not just IDPs, but new rightful young inhabitants.