Roboclub for the children ofIDPs andveterans of the ATO

Implemented by: NGO «DOM 48/24».

Overview: Families of IDPs and ATO veterans do not always have an opportunity to comprehensively educate their children and provided them with an access to early professional orientation in IT majors. A free of charge Roboclub for technically gifted children of Ivano-Frankivsk works on an on-going basis as an educational project on the development of creative thinking of children with the help of study sets of Lego Education series and Scratch programming language.

Operating procedures:

  1. Procurement of the needed number of study sets from Lego Education series;
  2. Formation of groups from amongst the participants of the training;
  3. Creation of the communicative platform for those, who suffered from warfare in the East of Ukraine (families of IDPs and ATO veterans);
  4. Conduct of a series of trainings;
  5. Participants of the project gain new expertise and experience in the sphere on informal IT education for children;


The participation of IDP children in the Roboclub contributes to the adaptation and integration of internally displaced persons into the community of Ivano-Frankivsk. The developed educational methods and practices can easily be transferred to other cities and countries.