Within the framework of large-scale events dedicated to the Peace Day in Ukraine, the International Conference of Grassroots Initiatives “Open Dialogue for Peace” will take place on December 2-4. Participants of the event will share their experience of peacemaking at home and between neighbors, in communities and between regions, in societies and at the international level.

The goal of our regular events before Peace Day and the International Conference to be held in December is to focus attention on the creation of positive peace, on the possibilities and tools of peacemaking, reintegration of Ukrainian citizens from the temporarily occupied territories, the culture of dialogue and communication, human rights and other values of participatory democracy. For this purpose, we invite active citizens, international peacemakers, community leaders, journalists, and political activists to join forces for peacemaking. Approximately 300 active people will gather to spread good peace-building practices among activists and contribute to the development of a peaceful democratic society. 

The International Conference of Grassroots Initiatives “Open Dialogue for Peace” is a meeting with content and in-depth discussion among peacemakers from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, Poland, Syria, Tajikistan, Switzerland and other countries.

You can take part in three clusters: 

Cluster 1 – Peace activism – talks about initiatives that benefit people for the first steps and teach tools to make an impact with examples of projects already implemented in recent years.

Cluster 2 – Dialogue/peace dialogue – about voices of the voiceless and the preservation of pluralism of thought on the basis of the Open Dialogues on the values of peace, human rights and participatory democracy.

Cluster 3 – Social cohesion – about practices of community cohesion and returning people to civilian life, reintegration of veterans, support for activists, work with migrants and all those who need help.

Dates: 2,3,4 December 2021, at the platform Zoom. 

Hours/duration: 15:00-19:00.

To register as a participant or a speaker, please fill out the short form at https://bit.ly/3mQbN5R. All selected attendees and participants will be notified of the details no later than November 30, 2021.

The conference of grassroots initiatives will be open to both professional and ordinary participants. We invite organizations, experts, and activists to attend the conference, share their experiences, share their initiatives and activities, and encourage other participants, activists of the worldview. 

During one hundred days of major celebrations for Peace Day in Ukraine 2021, we conducted over 30 events in 15 cities around the country. These included open dialogues about peace and performative exhibitions, teleconference and online lectures by experts in the field of peacemaking, human rights protection and reintegration of people. You can learn more about the events here https://bit.ly/2YqQyy3.

The Ukraine Peace Day activities are implemented by the STAN youth organization with support from the U.S. Agency for International Development USAID Ukraine – USAID Ukraine.

The CRISP – Conflict Transformation and Civic Education CRISP – Conflict Simulation (Berlin), the Cultural Center “Kuduk” (Bishkek), the independent publication “Zaborona Media” (Kyiv), the civil society organization “Theater of Change” (Kyiv) were partners in the project, NGO “Youth Spaces” (Uzhhorod), Charitable Foundation “MLT Museum PLUS” (Melitopol), NGO “Our Format” (Bilovodsk), NGO Innovative Education of Transcarpathia (Batyove), Foundation for the Support of Seniors “Age of Happiness” (Slovyansk), Razom. Online – CS “Steps to the Future” (Chernivtsi), Youth Council of Dolyna (Dolyna), Youth Council of Tyachivska TG (Tyachiv), Community Organization “Light of Culture” (Lysychansk), Hub “Zdibanka” (Batyove), Youth Hub “BULB” (Tyachiv), the Department of Culture and Tourism Novokakhivska City Council, Melitopol’ Museum Of Local Lore, Lysychanskiy Municipal Palace of Culture. Every day we are joined by all new organizations, institutions and activists.

The broad organization of the International Day of Peace in Ukraine in 2021 was initiated by the youth organization STAN (Ukraine) and the educational initiative “Free IT” (Belarus), participants of the dialogue and cooperation program within the framework of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) project “Promotion of Human Security Assessment in Ukraine”. The views and information expressed by program participants do not necessarily reflect the policy and position of OSCE.

Peace Day 2021 was made possible thanks to the institutional support of the STAN Youth Organization of IM Swedish Development Partner.