«Luhansk. Arts & Facts»

«Luhansk. Arts & Facts»- a virtual platform, which will be collected artifacts of cultural life and social activism Lugansk from 2004 to 2013. The period between the two revolutions in Ukraine, the Orange Revolution and dignity – it is a cultural development of Lugansk. Unfortunately, few people are familiar with what happened in this time. So today we hear that one of the causes of the war – the lack of culture in eastern Ukraine and in particular in Lugansk.

The collection of artifacts «Luhansk. Arts & Facts »shed light on the hidden cultural wave in Lugansk 2004 – 2013 years. It will contribute to the destruction of stereotypes “lack of culture” residents – and former residents – region.

Virtual bilingual (English and Ukrainian) hub will both online museum and archive. Visitors will be able to “visit” at exhibitions and art events, art-cafes and museums, to meet with those who shaped the cultural life of the city in the last decade before the war. Sociologists, historians and cultural researchers can use this archive in their research life-east Ukraine.

For cultural practitioners who worked in Lugansk in this period, it will be perhaps the first chance to show their work throughout Ukraine and abroad. The rest will be able to see the other side of Lugansk life that has become a cultural heritage. And to find answers to difficult questions, or at least see who can address these issues.

The project «Luhansk’s ART & FACTS – Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Donbass” realizes the Goethe-Institut in cooperation with youth organizations “state” supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany to aid under the Eastern Partnership and in consultation FHXB Museum in Berlin.