Analytical Report. Encouraged Youngsters: Approaches to Business Skills Formation among Young People

The report “Encouraged Youngsters: Approaches to Social Entrepreneurship Skills Formation among Young People” was developed by experts in social entrepreneurship and youth inclusion in decision-making Yaroslav Minkin, Mariya Protsak, Andriy Volyk and Svitlana Zelenska.

This policy brief will help local governments, educational institutions, community organizations and youth initiatives to develop educational programmes to improve business skills among young people from small towns. By using the social enterprise map, children and adolescents can gain relevant knowledge and skills to start their own social businesses or be involved in solving social problems in their own community.

The report was prepared within the framework of the initiative “Encouraged Youngsters. Entrepreneurial Skills and Social School Entrepreneurship”, as part of the project “Support to UNP EaP CSF activities in 2021-2023” implemented by the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Advice on Financial Support of the European Union. The content of this policy brief is the sole responsibility of the STAN Youth Organization and in no way reflects the views of the European Union or the Institute for Economic Studies and Policy Advice.

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